Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

PFC BBQ & TT Session

Hi there.
It PFC 2nd birthday on 1.1.2012 Happy Birthday PFC. So we make 1 TT session also BBQ. Acording to plan, we want to make it at secret garden but it rain. So we bbq and tt at AbgSyuk house, and shot in mini darkroom there.

actual location, pic by framptop

also we have our AGM(annual grand meting) also, here some of it:
1. PFC Tshirt
2. PFC monthly TT
3. PFC Phototrip
and lots more

thanks for coming 

enjoy our bbq and tt session video by Norris
PFC BBQ from norristbn on Vimeo.

P/S ; sorry broken freakly english... hahahaha...  don't forget to join weekly challenge , Now - "SHARP" until next monday 16.1.2012

Weekly Photo Challenge Week 22 "50mm"

Father and Son

danbo bored!!!

Next topic that will end on 16.1.2012 midnight - "SHARP"

Weekly Photo Challenge Week 21 "portrait"

Faarihin Talip
Husairi Shahren
Joe Rastafa
Muhammad Nurhidayat
Muzafa Yusoff
Adiee Mitchee
Pria Terhebat
Khairul Ismail
Naziza Irges
Frampton Panchong
Pilis Julin
Another boring day